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Dyson DETAILCLEANKIT Cleaning Accessory Kit

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Keep your home and car crumb-free with the Dyson Detail Cleaning Kit. Coming with three accessories, this handy kit has been designed to gently clean awkward spaces, between appliances, blinds, door frames, keyboards, and more. It has been engineered to fit the Gen5Detect, V15 Detect, Outsize, V12 Detect Slim, V11, Cyclone V10, V8, and V7 vacuums. The DETAILCLEANKIT comes with a Scratch Free Dusting Brush, Awkward Gap Tool, and an Extension Hose. 


Dyson Detail Cleaning Kit

Keep your home and car clean and fresh with Dyson engineered accessories to gently clean delicate surfaces and hard-to-reach places. The Dyson Detail cleaning kit includes three different accessories: the awkward gap tool, scratch free dusting brush and extension hose.

The Dyson Detail cleaning kit is designed to gently clean; awkward spaces, between appliances, blinds, car interiors, door frames, computer keyboards, detailed ornaments, lampshades, mirrors, under furniture, shelves and TV screens.

Engineered to fit Dyson Gen5detectTM, V15 DetectTM, OutsizeTM, V12 Detect SlimTM, V11TM, Cyclone V10TM, V8TM and V7TM cordless vacuums.

Scratch Free Dusting Brush

Dyson’s first self-cleaning ultra-soft dusting brush. Gentle on delicate surfaces including glass, screens and keyboards. Removes hidden and built-up dust without leaving any damage.

Softer than nylon. A soft rubber bumper and 8,100 ultrafine PFT filaments tapered to just 0.05mm protect against marks and scratches

Engineered to be delicate but durable. Each Scratch free dusting brush is rigorously tested 1,820 cycles to ensure toughness.

Start with dust-free bristles every time. Hygienically clear dust and debris from the bristles with a twist. Clean after clean.

Awkward Gap Tool

Long and narrow, with a 22° twist to clean further into storage compartments, tight gaps and hard-to reach places around your home and car.

The crevice tool that reaches further. 41mm longer than our standard crevice tool to clean even deeper into tight spots and reach what's normally unreachable.

Reach the unreachable. Dyson engineers have identified 22° as the optimum angle for reaching those normally unreachable spaces.

Crevice tool with a sliding brush. The sliding brush with stiff nylon bristles to help loosen stubborn dirt in awkward, difficult to reach areas.

Extension Hose

Adds up to 61cm of flexible reach to the scratch free dusting brush, awkward gap tool or any compatible tool, to clean up high, down low and reach further around your home or car.

Combines with any Dyson tool to reach further. A flexible wire helix - engineered from tough wire sandwiches between two layers of durable plastic - springs back into position when not in use.

Extends up to 61cm. Enables deep cleaning in narrow or shallow spaces around your home and car interior.




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Manufacturer Dyson
GTIN 5025155074435
Brand Dyson
Dyson DETAILCLEANKIT Cleaning Accessory Kit

Dyson DETAILCLEANKIT Cleaning Accessory Kit